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Naomi Feil, M.S.W., A.C.S.W., is the developer of Validation. 

She was born in Munich in 1.932, and grew up in the Montefiore Home for the Aged in Cleveland Ohio, where her father was the administrator and her mother, the head of the Social Service Department. 

After graduating with a Masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University in New York, she began working with the elderly. 

Between 1.963 and 1.980 Mrs. Feil developed Validation as a response to her dissatisfaction with traditional methods of working with the severely disoriented old-old people who were her clients. 

In 1.982 she published her first book, Validation: The Feil Method, which was revised in 1.992. 

Her second book, The Validation Breakthrough, was published in 1.993, and updated and revised in 2.002. 

Feil and her husband have made many films and videos about aging and Validation. 

Feil is the Founder and Director in Chief of the Validation Training Institute and a popular speaker in North America and Europe. 

Since 1.989 she has toured Europe 3 times a year offering workshops in Validation to participants in Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, France, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, and Austria. 

Her books have been translated into French, Dutch, German, Italian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Spanish and Japanese.

The methodology of the validation methods are based on the following objectives :
The living conditions of the people are disoriented accepted.
The nurses are dealing with the old, disoriented man who lets his feelings run free support.
The people are accepted as they are.
The cause of feelings is explored and the nurses will be encouraged to maintain its dignity.
Validation is an accepted procedure in the old work.


1.997 : Grand Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria

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